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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Questions

How is our program unique?

TVMTC believes it’s not just about what the students learn, but perhaps more importantly, the lasting friendships and life long memories they form while they are with us. We take pride in developing our students musical and theatrical talents to bring out the best in them. We also take pride in developing life long skills, such as working together as a team towards a common goal, gaining self-confidence and self-esteem, public speaking, memorization, and perhaps most importantly, providing a culturing and supportive environment free of competition. Don’t’ take our word for it... ask anybody who has participated in the program! Our best advertising is the people who have been with us the past 20 years! Many of our former students are currently our counselors and teachers.... it's a summer tradition that continues on.

What makes our camp "professional"?

Our venue takes place in an auditorium of 450+ seats with full theatre lighting and sound. Microphones are used that run through a professional sound system. The pit band consists of professional musicians, many of whom routinely play on Broadway. Students are provided with costumes and props and perform against sets and scenes designed specifically for the numbers in each unique show. All of our teachers are State certified teachers or are currently enrolled in a university program for teaching students in grades K-12.

What is a typical camp day like?

Students attend theatre camp Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 12:00 selecting classes of their choosing for the first part of the day and then rehearsing for the production during second part of the day. The summer program generally begins the Monday after the last day of the school year.

Why don't we put on a "regular" musical like "Annie"?

The Three Village Musical Theatre Company believes that every student should have an equal opportunity to perform on stage. Our summer program is a Revue of songs from past and present shows, as well as, some of the most famous popular songs performed by accomplished artists. By using this format, students get much more stage time and are able to participate in many more musical numbers and scenes than if it was a typical musical play. In a single show, such as “Annie”, there are a handful of students that are chosen as “leads”, the rest of the students are assigned chorus parts with limited time on stage. When everyone is paying the same tuition, we don't believe in having just a few stars!

Who is in charge of the program?

There are many certified teachers on staff including Anthony Pollera, Jeanne Hill, Kristin Gonzalez, Clare Tunney, Madison Graham, TinaMarie Friscia, Peter Campbell and Frank Marangiello. In addition, our counselors are college graduates and students majoring in careers in education, music, theatre and/or dance. Junior Counselors and Counselors in Training are also on staff to assist students.

Can my child miss any of the days?

Because our musical production is formatted as a review of various hit songs, we can program and rehearse material according to the needs of the students in the show. In addition, children who miss a few days, or even a week of camp, are assigned a personal counselor to “catch them up” with any material they might have missed during their time away.

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