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Scenic Design

A unique musical theatre learning experience like no other

Our Main Camp is designed for incoming 4th through 12th grade students
Our Preparatory Camp is designed especially for incoming 1st through 3rd graders

Established in 2004, our primary mission is to provide a safe and enjoyable learning experience for children of all ages. We take the time to learn the strengths and talents of each of our students in an effort to showcase each individual student as much as possible. Students are afforded the opportunity to study and perform in all aspects of live musical theatre, as well as, learn about the production jobs and functions of what’s involved in the making of a Broadway musical show.

Our programs not only teach and expand a student’s knowledge and abilities in singing, acting and dance, but reach far beyond the basics of performance with subjects such as scenic design, lighting and sound, set construction, painting, and advertising. The final product is a full blown musical theatre production where students participate in a professional show.

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